You’ll never walk alone

Sundays at Noon | 1316 3rd Ave W


Here at UNITED we are for you.

We believe in your process. Everyone is on a journey to understand who God is, our own identity at its core, the intricacies of relationship with one another, and our own place in this world.

We believe in relationships. We believe in the power of community, in face-to-face connections, in learning from others, in knowing others and being known; that together we can do what cannot be done alone.

We believe in stories. We bring together people from diverse backgrounds and spiritual beginnings, confident that together we can inspire one another towards a positive engagement in this world. We experiment, we try new things, we fail, all along the way writing new stories of hope and love and justice. We are dreamers, artists, activists, and faithful friends who will not give up on who Jesus has called us to be and do together.

We believe you have a part to play in this story.

You’ll never walk alone.


Sundays at Noon

1316 3rd Ave W / Queen Anne Christian Church

This community is amazing. My refuge, especially as a Seattle newbie.
— Nicole

You’ll never walk alone

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Sundays at Noon

1316 3rd Ave W / Queen Anne Christian Church

What to Expect

When do you meet?

UNITED meets at 12:00p on Sundays and lasts around 60 minutes.

Where do you meet?

1316 3rd Ave W, Seattle, WA 98119

We meet at the building of Queen Anne Christian Church after their service. As a new church, we don't yet have a place of our own, but we're thankful for our friends at Queen Anne Christian Church who've generously allowed us to gathering in their space on Sundays.

What does a typical Sunday look like?

We believe in Ancient-Future worship. What that means is that we want to honor and uphold ancient practices and traditions, but practice them in a new and refreshing way. Feel free to come just as you are. You're welcome to dress up or dress down. There will be people outside to greet you and a table where you can get a cup of coffee. As you walk in, there will be music playing and you can feel free to find a seat or mingle and talk.

Five minutes before the gathering a countdown will start. From there our service will begin, which will involve everything from responsive readings, interactive art pieces, music, messages, and prayers. Once the gathering concludes, feel free to get more coffee, hang out, and talk with those around you.

What about my kids?

Our goal is to create a community where our children can belong and grow. As you come into the building, there will be a location in the back to check-in your child. You will go through an initial check-in process for security reasons (only takes a few minutes) and then you'll receive a sticker with a unique code for you and your child. Your kid(s) will sit with you initially. Once the speaking portion of the service beings, you're kid(s) will be brought upstairs and have a unique experience of learning and activities. After the service ends, you can go to the same check-in station, provide your unique code, and then you are welcome to go in to get your child(ren).



We welcome and encourage discussion!

Let us know you're coming!

We are committed to an ethic of love and walking in the ways of Jesus. Our story is still unfolding and while we believe you have a part to play in this story, you may have some questions and curiosities about this new community. We want to invite you to join the conversation. Let us know you'll be there Sunday and we'll make sure it's the best experience you can have!