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Cultivating a Heart for the City

We live in a transient world, a transient country, a transient city: wandering from place to place, job to job, unrooted. Simone Weil once wrote, “To be rooted is perhaps the most important and least recognized need of the human soul." So how can we cultivate a rootedness here in Seattle as a spiritual practice? What does it look like for us to cultivate a heart for the city and root ourselves deeply into the fabric of the city for our own spiritual health?

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Cultivating the Inner Life

"Retreat!” is that not what it sounds like to say that we must begin the work of cultivating our inner life? That to begin this work is to say that we must quarantine ourselves off from the rest of society in a monastic community or at best to begin the work of disengaging ourselves from the world. Doesn’t it feel as if a call to cultivate the inner life is a call to escape from a world on fire, keeping all the buckets of water to ourselves? To cultivate the inner life is not escapism, it is not a call to passivity, but rather to action. Cultivating the inner life is an invitation to discover the abundance of the life lived for God. It opens our eyes to the possibilities of the inner land of the invisible where our spirit can find the roots of its strength. Only there will we find the clarity of vision we need to win the daily battle that is this life, and the inner anchor without which we will lose our moorings amid the mass emotions and follies of this modern age.

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