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Manifesto | Stories From Our Community

We bring together people from diverse backgrounds and spiritual beginnings, confident that together we can inspire one another towards a positive engagement in this world. We experiment, we try new things, we fail, all along the way writing new stories of hope and love and justice. We are dreamers, artists, activists, and faithful friends who will not give up on who Jesus has called us to be and do together. We believe in stories and you’ll never walk alone.

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Advent | Love

The mysterious men from the East followed the star and discovered the place where the secret of love lay in the helplessness of a human baby, wrapped in swaddling clothes in the feeding trough of an animal. They discovered the place where God’s love came down. That is the most important thing for all people, to discover individually, in their own time and at their own hour, the place where God’s love has broken through, and then to follow the star that has risen for them and to remain true to the light that has fallen into their hearts.

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