Awake My Soul

It’s not so much that we read Scripture, but that Scripture reads us.

The author, theologian, translator of Scripture Eugene Peterson implores us to see Scripture from a different lens: that Scripture illuminates who we are, revealing the depths of our character, our being, the inner dimensions of our very person.

This season of Lent we’re journeying together through the pages of the Lectionary, an ages old tradition of meditating on seemingly random passages of Scripture, allowing the words to wash over us and illuminate the depth of our being. The Lectionary pulls different passages from the First Testament, the Gospels, and the letters in the New Testament inviting us to consider what it is that God is revealing to us about ourselves. 

We believe in your process.We believe that everyone is on a journey to understand who God is, our own identity at its core, the intricacies of relationship with one another, and our own place in this world. And we believe that this is a valuable resource for you and your process.

The process for the Lectionary is simple and straightforward. Every day throughout the Lenten Season,  a new podcast will appear—make sure that you’ve subscribed to the podcast. Pick a time in the day that you can commit 10 minutes to, whether on your commute, a walk during lunchtime, the silence of your apartment before you leave for the day, even perhaps before you get out of bed in the morning. You may want to spend the first week experimenting on what exactly the best time for this meditation time is. 

As you find yourself ready for the lectionary in your chosen time and space, take a moment and breathe—deeply. Take a deep breathe and then exhale, let all of the stresses of the day evacuate your mind and your body. Breathe again, deeply. And exhale. Center yourself and ready yourself for the experience. Perhaps you might even whisper a prayer—“Father, prepare me and help me listen well to what you will illuminate."

Press play and listen to the passage. Listen for a word or a phrase that sticks out. Receive the word or the phrase, hold it loosely in your hands and simply say, “Thank you” as an act of gratitude to God. Take a moment to ponder what it is God telling you in this moment through this word or phrase? Perhaps you write it down, perhaps you simply let it roll around in your mind. Feel free to press pause if you need to wrestle with it a bit longer.

As you enter into the second reading, again listen for a word or a phrase. Take a moment to receive the word or phrase and simply say, “Thank you.” As you remain in this space, ponder what it is that God is asking you to do. Write it down and again say, “Thank you” as an act of gratitude towards God.

Take a couple more deep breaths and consider sharing your experience with someone in our community. Ask them to pray with you and for you, and you with and for them and their experience. Ask them to follow up with you in the coming days about what it is that you heard God calling you towards, and illuminating in you.

For many of us, this is a new way to process Scripture. A new way to process, to listen, to hear the call of God in our lives. Give yourself grace as you attempt this experiment. Have patience with the process. And share your experiences together with one another to encourage each other, to grow with each other, and to see the story of God unfold around us. 

It might be a good idea to save this episode and use it as a reference throughout our Lenten journey together. And as always, may the peace of Christ be with you.