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Today's Liturgy

Every week we read scriptures, poems, or interactive readings. Tap on the image below to gain access to all of today's readings. 

You can also check in below to get connected, ask for prayer, or get involved. Whether you're new here, been coming for a while, or consider UNITED home, thanks for being here!



Coming Up

NEW (re)union Community Group

We are a church that believes in your process. And so we want to help facilitate spaces where you can process the difficult questions of faith, of life, and of who Jesus is. This group is for anyone on the spectrum of faith.

You can sign up by clicking the button below or contact Aaron for more information or questions. We think this will be an important group for everyone within our community to participate in and learn how to walk through difficult questions with others.

NEW College Community Group

Lydia will be hosting and leading a new college community group on Wednesday’s at 7:00p starting soon! It’ll be at the SPU Library Main End Room. This will be a time to talk about the homily from Sunday and discover how it can apply to our day to day lives. If you’re interested in joining click the button below!

Next Week’s Homily: Us vs. Them by Dan Jacobs

Next week we will be joined by Dan Jacobs and he will be speaking on the topic “Us vs. Them.” The greatest paradox of urban living just might be that the closer our proximity the greater our divides. Real hope for finding common ground to bridge our social, ideological, and economic divides lies in our ability to live out God's narrative of the Imago Dei. Truly being able to recognize the "image of God" in every individual requires a posture of presence.




Life is God’s gift to us; what we do with it is our gift to him.
— Maya Angelou

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