A Message from Rabbi Rachel


I am writing to express heartfelt gratitude to you and members of your church for the notes you left for us on the piano in the sanctuary yesterday.  Kavana gathered at the Queen Anne Christian Church last evening for a vigil, and it was incredibly touching to arrive and realize that your sentiments were waiting for us there.  I mentioned these notes during the service, and afterwards, people came over to read them, with a few even taking photos and posting online about how much the show of support and solidarity from our friends at United Church meant to our community.  To me, being on the receiving end of this love and these prayers also strengthened my resolve to "show up" for other groups that are feeling vulnerable in this moment too.

There is definitely interest from the Kavana side in bringing our communities together in some way in the coming months, so let's figure out what might make sense.

With gratitude for your willingness to stand with us during these turbulent times, and prayers that together we might pave the way for a brighter tomorrow,


Aaron MontsUnited Church